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The closest look, voice and persona to the characters of John Cleese you’ll find anywhere

(Except for the real John Cleese himself, of course.)

The only way to leave an audience with a positive, lasting memory is to be a quality act. And John Parkin’s performance in this respect has won the endorsement of John Cleese.

With colossal experience in the entertainment field, John Parkin is a master of ad lib, and he uses his sharp observation and wonderful sense of humour to give any event a daft and nutty slant.

Why book John Parkin?

  • He has your guests or audience in tears of laughter, and they’ll be talking about it for days. It also works brilliantly with groups of people who don’t know each other that well.
  • He works interactively with the audience, and picks up intuitively on the vibes and dynamics of the crowd, using that as a barometer for his act as he performs.
  • When the unexpected happens at an event, he can rescue the situation to hilarious effect.
  • He takes the attention off the host, when needed, and gives the audience a compelling and unexpected visual and verbal focus.
  • He makes things as whacky as you like (and probably more!) and entertains with high-value and disarming ease. It’s as simple or elaborate as you require.

With John Parkin as John Cleese, your event will never – ever – be dull!

Occasionally you find a performer who really stands out. A British Equity member, John knows what works and what doesn’t work ‘on the night’. He oozes ideas for different explosive entrances, spontaneous angles and off-the-wall finales. And his 100% commitment to the success of the event itself means he researches the audience first, and then delivers a performance to suit.

“Indistinguishable from the real thing.”
Prunella Scales (Sybil)

“Thank you sincerely for your performance as the James Bond Gadget Man at Unilever in May. The event was a great success. The positive feedback we have had from the client will ensure many future events for both of us!”
G.J., Event Organisers

“John, you were absolutely the talk of the conference and definitely stole the whole show. Your convincing performance as Basil Fawlty was played with the utmost effort and energy (no mean feat, forty times a day for two days!). Everyone was extremely impressed, which in turn made us look good.”
N&K, Burger King conference

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Struggling to think of something different for your next event?

Event organisers, wedding planners, companies and individuals all enjoy priceless fun from John Parkin to suit every occasion, from corporate to personal. A John Cleese character is a unique element to any experience.

But when you’re planning an event, you need to trust that the people you hire are reliable and easy to work with. That’s why, when you book John Parkin, he’ll send you all the paperwork and information you need straight away, and he’ll also talk through the event with you beforehand and arrive early on the day to prepare, to liaise with the other people involved and to double-check that the room layout lends itself to what he has in store.

What will be the most memorable thing about your event?

The number one secret to event success is to add something exceptional that people will remember – whatever the occasion.

And if you’re an event organiser, this reflects beautifully on you. If you’re in corporate sales, you have an instant edge over your rivals. And if you’re planning a personal event, you and your guests are in for a priceless treat! You won’t want it to end.

“I’m seeing DOUBLE!”
Andrew Sachs

Why not kick-start your event now? You’ll be sure to leave your audience buzzing…

Meet and Greet

For both corporate AND social events – from small gatherings to several thousand people – John Parkin as John Cleese is one of the best in the business for ‘Meet and Greet’ and ‘Mix and Mingle’ entertainment. He researches the event in question and then sets the tone perfectly, providing comic relief throughout. Ideal for ice-breaking and machine-gun humour.

“One of the very best Meet and Greet artists in the business.”
Jeff Brownhut, of National Outdoor Events association and leading entertainment agent, now retired

Corporate events

Enjoy commercial advantage and a message that sticks.

  • Corporate entertainment
  • Product launches, promotions and openings
  • Master of Ceremonies (in character, of course!)
  • Presentations and exhibitions
  • Sales training and induction
  • Conferences and conventions
  • Team building
  • Photo shoots
  • Theme nights

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Social events

Add a big dose of originality to your event, and watch the reaction of your guests!

  • Weddings, birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs and anniversaries
  • Social events and celebrations
  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Cruises, golf, sports and leisure events
  • Holiday entertainment


Enjoy the payoff that comes with the sharpest John Cleese look-alike and sound-alike in the business.

“Just a quick note to say a HUGE THANK YOU on behalf of the whole of the team for your superb efforts. You were a superb contributor – it made for compelling viewing!!!!!”
From BBC Researcher - TV Appearance
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